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Putting University of Alabama Stickers to Good Use

Tasteful Uses for University of Alabama Stickers

Everybody knows the most common uses for college stickers basically fall into two varieties of the same category. Alabama stickers will almost always be used on a car, and this kind of sticker tends to be put either be in a corner of the back window of a parentís car, proudly letting the world know where his or her child is going to college, or in any of a number of locations on a student or recent gradís car, more as a necessary afterthought than as an essential symbol of parental pride. It is important to that University of Alabama student that they go or went to Bama, but students donít use university stickers on their cars with the same sentiment as in the parentís case. But there are other types of stickers than just bumper stickers, and there are other good ways to put them to use that make it easy to integrate a bit of Alabama pride without looking tacky.

Some other casual places where a University of Alabama sticker would look great include on a beater guitar or guitar case, especially to cover up embarrassing band stickers, on a notebook or Nalgene water bottle, on a bike fender or frame, or on a laptop. These locations strike a delicate balance. They are not the kind of places where a permanent sticker detracts from the overall aesthetics, such as a refrigerator, car window, or wall Ė these locations either need tons of stickers, which creates a very specific look usually reserved for cheap restaurants, or no stickers at all, to preserve the cleanliness and natural feeling of the kitchen, car, or bedroom.

And they are not as out of the way as other possibilities like plastic storage containers, tool boxes, or scrap books, which are too obscure to take full advantage of the main purpose of an Alabama sticker, to tell people where your allegiance lies. If you have extra Bama stickers, putting them in these places isnít a bad way to use them as youíll always enjoy seeing them, but if the goal is to wear your Alabama pride on your sleeve, stick with obvious but tasteful places such as those listed above.