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University of Alabama Cups Make Great Gifts

Support the Tide All the Time with University of Alabama Cups

One of the most classic Americana images is of the father of the household sitting at the breakfast with his newspaper and a big mug of his morning coffee. For the University of Alabama family - because let's be honest, once one member of the family has become a part of Alabama, everyone will not take very long to learn the joys of being a Bama fan - Alabama cups, mugs, and glasses easily bring the appropriate school spirit to this classic morning scene.

The SUPe Store has a variety of Alabama drinking options so that they can supply any fan of the Tide. For students there are various Alabama sports and water bottles, as well as travel mugs and plastic tumblers for tailgate parties. For mothers of students, they have classy, tall glasses with a variety of simple and spirited Bama logos. Then they have plastic drinking cups with a variety of Tide and football oriented slogans to use at games or while watching on TV, as well as crimson and Houndstooth bottle koozies. And of course, they have a wide range of plastic and ceramic coffee mugs with nearly every possible University of Alabama art.

As far as Alabama merchandise goes, the coffee mug is more understated than a huge banner, bright crimson tee shirt with a taunting slogan, or even an Alabama bumper sticker. This subtle appeal makes Alabama cups and glasses ideal gifts; there is an option for every Bama fan, from the 40-year alum to the college freshman. And whereas more overt signs of support might not appeal to many people who don't like to be as obvious, a mug, drinking glass, or shot glass is subtle and an ideal way for these people to feel like they are supporting their school without offending their sensibilities.

So no matter where you fall in your life as a fan of the Crimson Tide, it's almost certain that you or someone you know could use a piece of Alabama drinkwear.