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Textbooks Are an Essential Part of the Smarter Alabama Plan

Alabamaís Textbooks Are Just Better than LSU or Auburn

We have University of Alabama hats, shoes, gloves, umbrellas, blankets, and Bama sports decals. And we also carry Alabama textbooks for students who may be in need of these tools for enlightenment and academic advancement. Thatís right, has everything you need for classes and labs, including current curriculum textbooks and other printed documents. If youíre a student at the University of Alabama and are looking for textbooks for your courses and studies, then the University of Alabama Supply Store is the place for you. We have textbooks and whole lot more in Alabama gear and merchandise.

Choosing to shop at also supports Bama students, faculty and staff because excess operating funds from the store go directly back into campus programs. For more than 100 years, the University of Alabama Supply Store has offered textbooks, football jerseys, notepads, raincoats, ballpoint pens, and other assorted Bama merchandise to the Tuscaloosa community. We have a huge selection of current course textbooks and study guides available through the website, Not to mention the mountain of inventory in Alabama clothing, hats, mugs, sweats, and other crimson and white swag and gear. Itís as close to landing in Crimson Tide heaven as a parade with Bear Bryant through Tuscaloosa Ė but we only promise you joy and happiness when you purchase through our store.

Textbooks are the essential part of the college plan, and every University of Alabama student and alumni is aware of their need and importance. Contrary to Auburn or LSU fans, Bama students know exactly what textbooks look like and are quite capable of finding to purchase their textbooks. Weíre not sure how those fans might find their textbooks, but weíre quite sure you can locate your Alabama textbooks with ease and intelligence. Maybe we are the difference. Itís quite possible that the ease of purchasing your textbooks at is what separates the higher intelligence of Alabama students from their counterparts at Auburn and LSU. Well, thatís their problem, and Iím sure theyíll figure something out. In the meantime, just remember to go to for your textbook needs. And breath a sigh of relief knowing the University of Alabama Supply Store has made all the difference in helping you become a part of the Crimson Tide Pride.