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Why Is the University of Alabama So Powerful?

Tradition and Excellence from the University of Alabama

The University of Alabama has a number of successful sports teams, but nobody contests that the Crimson Tide is its most popular and successful program. When Big Al stomps out onto the football field amid several different traditions with decades of history, the roar can be deafening. And the reason Bama engenders this kind of furor is greater than just its historical excellence or the pile of enthusiastic traditions that anyone at Alabama would find hard to resist; in recent years, the team has again been incredible, though the Tide has only earned championship Alabama collectibles - rings - once since the birth of the BCS. Every year, the Crimson Tide goes up against the rest of the SEC, currently the most dominant league in college football history, and that kind of thrilling fight is bound to create new generations of rabid fans.

In fact, all internet "flaming" aside, there is a general consensus that this fanaticism has bred some of the rudest college football fans in the country. But a lot of this vitriol must come from the sheer weight of the SEC's excellence. The SEC holds six national conference titles from the past thirteen years, and every conference title for the past five. That is literally unprecedented. And these six titles were won by five different teams, with only the University of Florida having won twice. That speaks to the immense depth and talent in the SEC, which hammers out tenacious teams every year, and adds weight to rivalries that have burned hot for decades. Maybe this brutal gauntlet explains why three of these five consecutive BCS championships were beatings that left the loser looking like they didn't deserve to be there.

The combination of a rich, deep history that comes with generations of allegiance, a number of traditions related to athletic excellence and several identifiable practices, and this recent dominance by the SEC teams all explain why Bama fans continue to be some of the most loyal, diehard, and sometimes hated in the country. When they're asked to chant "Roll Tide, Roll," they bring the roof down.