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Western Civilization 2 Study Aid

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Western Civilization 2 Study Aid

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The most significant historical people, places, and events written by our experienced author and professor of history are laid out in a succinct timeline from 1500 to 2016. In 6 laminated pages and with dates listed to easily find what you need, a frequent review of this guide especially before exams will boost your grade in any Western Civilization, Western Culture, or History course. For any history buff as well, there is no easier and more concise reference that paints a broad yet digestible picture of human history.
Topics covered include:
The Age of Reformation, 1500-1582
Dynasties, Empires & the Wars of Religion, 1519-1589
Exploration in the Americas & Beyond, 1492-1609
Intellectual Revolutions, 1590-1702
The Age of Absolutism, 1601-1713
Enlightenment Europe, 1714-1788
The Era of the French Revolution & Napoleon, 1789-1814
Romanticism, Nationalism & Liberalism, 1772-1843
Europe Restored, 1815-1871
The Industrial Revolution & Society, 1709-1900
Rivalry Amid the Belle Epoque, 1872
World War I, 1914-1919
The rise of Totalitarianism, 1920-1938
World War II, 1939-1945
The Cold War, 1946-1991
The West in a Globalized World, 1992-2016
Suggested uses:
Quick Reference – instead of digging into a large book to find a core answer you need while studying, use the guide to reinforce quickly and repeatedly
Memory – refreshing your memory repeatedly is a foundation of studying, have the most significant points in history as a framework to anchor all other history

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