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Access Granted

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Access Granted FAQ's

Q: How will I know if my course is an Access Granted course?
A: Access Granted designation is listed on the class schedule, the course syllabus and the Supe Store website. You will also receive an email with information if you are enrolled in an Access Granted course.

Q: How much money will I save if I use the Access Granted course materials?
A: Access Granted course materials and applicable sales tax are charged to your student account after the Add/Drop deadline of the semester.

Q: How do I pay for the Access Granted course content?
A: Your student account is charged for course materials plus applicable sales tax after the add/drop deadline.

Q: How do I get my Access Granted course materials after I register for the class?
A: First, you receive an email notice that you are enrolled in an Access Granted course. Then once your course is open, course materials are accessed through Blackboard.

Q: If I register for an Access Granted course, am I required to use the content provided?
A: Absolutely not. If you would rather have hard copies of the materials or choose not to use them, you can opt out before the Add/Drop deadline to avoid charges to your student account.

Q: How do I opt out?
A: It is easy to opt out of Access Granted materials through your course’s Blackboard page. Select Content in the left hand menu then click Opt Out under the materials. Opt out video.  

Q: If I opt out of the Access Granted program, where do I get course materials for the class?
A: Some professors request the Supe Store to stock a small number hard copies of the materials for students who prefer them. Otherwise a third party vendor is necessary.

Q: What if I decide to drop the Access Granted class altogether?
A: In order to avoid any charges to your student account, you must opt out of the Access Granted program before the final add/drop date of the semester. If you do not opt out, you will be charged for the semester’s digital materials.