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Access Granted FAQS

Q: How do I know if my course is an Access Granted course?
A:The designation is listed on the class schedule, course syllabus and on the Supe Store website.

Q: How many Access Granted courses are offered at UA?
A:We are piloting the program in Summer 2018 and will roll out the program campuswide beginning Fall 2018.

Q: How much money will I save if I use the Access Granted course content rather than traditional course materials?
A:Price will vary by course, but Access Granted course content is designed to save you money.

Q: How do I pay for the Access Granted course content?
A:Your student account is charged for course materials plus applicable sales tax after the add/drop deadline.

Q: How do I get my course content after I register for the course?
A:You will receive login credentials via email for an Access Granted account when you register for the Access Granted course. Check with your professor.

Q: If I register for an Access Granted course,am I required to use the content provided?
A:No, you can opt out before the add/drop deadline if you would rather not have access to the content, and your student account will not be charged for the content.

Q: How do I opt out?
A:Click “view course details” after logging into your account. Choose “opt out.”

Q: If I opt out of the Access Granted program, where do I get course materials for the class?
A:You can search nationwide.

Q: What if I decide to drop the Access Granted class altogether?
A:In order to avoid any charges to your student account, you must opt out of the Access Granted program before the add/drop deadline.