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Contact Us

For questions about textbooks or textbook orders, please email For questions related to merchandise other than textbooks or for general information and questions, please email us at

University of Alabama Supply Store
Box 870291, The University of Alabama Student Center
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487
United States
Telephone: (205) 348-6168
Toll free: (800) 825-6802
Fax: (205) 348-9239
Bernadette Chavira-Trullbchavira@ua.edu205-348-2384Director
Christopher Daviscldavis25@ua.edu205-348-4448Assoc. Director - Branch Operations/Remote Locations/Licensed Products
Curt Wardacward@ua.edu205-348-6126Assoc. Director - Course Materials/Tradebooks/Shipping Á Receiving
David Cowderydwcowdery@ua.edu205-348-0668Assoc. Director - General Merchandise/Systems/Marketing
Pam Cabinesspscabiness@ua.edu205-348-0566Assoc. Director - Fiscal Affairs/Web Venue
Amanda Atkinsaluckie@ua.edu205-348-4394Asst. Director - Systems
Crystal Washingtonclwashington2@ua.edu205-348-9321Asst. Director - Web Venue
Don Currydcurry@ua.edu205-348-5591Asst. Director - Branches
Keith Simssims033@ua.edu205-348-0795Asst. Director - Course Materials
Andy Freemanarfreeman@ua.edu205-348-3415Manager - Web Venue
Mindy Bradfordmsbradford@ua.edu205-348-7630Manager - Licensed Products
Rhonda Goinsrgoins@ua.edu205-348-7629Manager - Branches
Ashley Couchakcouch@ua.edu205-348-9265Sr. Buyer - Electronics and Convenience
Cara Houserclhouser@ua.edu205-348-8847Sr. Buyer - Supplies
Christina Givenscmgivens@ua.edu205-348-5858Sr. Buyer - Licensed Products
Laura Evans-Garylgary@ua.edu205-348-3413Sr. Buyer - Course Materials
Robert Youngrayoung1@ua.edu205-348-7122Sr. Buyer - Books
Indy Downrdow@ua.edu205-348-7607Asst. Manager - Shipping & Receiving
Lynne Cliftonltclifton@ua.edu205-348-9724Asst. Manager - Branches
Marisa Boothmbbooth1@ua.edu205-348-7641Administrative Specialist
DeNesha Whiteddwhite1@ua.edu205-348-3433Inventory Coordinator Books - UA Student Center
Laura Smithlgsmith7@ua.edu205-348-4799Inventory Coordinator GM - UA Student Center
Nick Knightnlknight@ua.edu205-348-6203Computer Support Specialist Apple Store
Lisa Herronlrherron@ua.edu205-348-4369Cashier Supervisor
Wesley Brownwjbrown@ua.edu205-348-7607Web Sales Associate