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Q: Can I pay for my books with my financial aid online?
A: The Supe Store is able to charge to a students account for GI Bill, Voc Rehab, Early College Scholarship, Supe Store Scholarship , and some 3rd Party Scholarships for both in-store and online purhases. All other finanical aid (loans and grants) can be charged to after the student obtains a book loan voucher from the financial aid office. This type of charge can only be processed at either the Ferguson Center Supe Store or the Corner Supe Store on Bryant Drive.

Q: Can I use Bama Cash online?
A: At this time we are only able to process Bama Cash at our Ferguson Center or Corner Supe Store locations.

Q: Why did I receive an email for tracking information that shows my purhcase is being shipped to the Supe Store instead of my shipping address?
A:We ship most packages via USPS. When we create a shipping label, the system automatically generates a return label that will be placed inside of your shipment for you to use should you decide to return an item to us. USPS generate both a shipping tracking email and a return shipment tracking email. To track your order, please use the tracking details of the shipment shipping to your address.

Q: How do I cancel my order?
A: You can request to cancel your online order two ways. The first is to reply to the confirmaiton email that you received when you placed your oder. The second is to send us an email to supestore@ua.edu to request to cancel your order, please be sure to provide us with your order number. Please note that if your order has already been processed our only option would be to refund the item if it has not shipped or picked up if that option was selected. If the order has already been shipped you can send the order back to us when you receive it and request a refund. Please include return instructions inside your return shipment or fill out the return form here.

Q: What is a clicker?
A: Clickers are electronic devices that some professors use in their classrooms to assist with quizes and attendance. Students can purchase a clicker bundle with a 5year access code for their entire career at UA. They can use this one clicker for all of their courses that require this device. Students may also choose to purchase a one-year or five-year clicker license which can be used on their iOS or Android phones via the Turning Point Mobile app.

Q: How do I return an item for a refund for a purchase I made online?
A: The Supe Store offers a free return label found on our store policies section of the website. You can access our store policies here.

Q: How do I access the eBook I purchased?
A: If you purchased an eBook online, you would have received an email from supestore.redshelf when you placed your online order. If you purchased an eBook at one of our registers at Ferguson or Corner Supe Store, the eBook code/url will be at the bottom of your sales receipt.

Q: What is the difference between an eBook and an access code?
A: An eBook is instant access to the electronic version of the textbook. An access code provides you with digital content to assist with course assignments, and may or may not contain a eBook version of the textbook. Access Codes are a physical code that you can purchase online or in-store, but it will require you to enter this unique code to gain access to the material.